An Interview with G+G's photographer, Brandee Anthony

So, cliche question, but when did you first become interested in photography? 

I first became interested in photography in High School when my mom got a DSLR. The digital age was on the rise and I fell in love with documenting life through a lens. I attended University receiving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art - I never thought I would become a photographer and did not pursue it. My final semester of my 5th year I took my one and only photography class. I fell in love with the expression and something pushed me to pursue it fully. So upon graduating I opened my first business Brandee Anthony Design & Photography in 2014! Since then I have built my business and travel the world documenting the beauty everything has to offer!

If you could describe your photography style in three words, what would they be? 

Three words to describe my photography would be: whimsical, vibrant and expressive.

What advice would you give to a younger Brandee Anthony when it comes to taking the perfect picture? 

I would say there is no perfect picture. I would tell my younger self to strive to create content that is constantly inspiring and true to my vision. It took years to develop my stye, so looking back I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy the process - because one day you will get there and it will be beautiful.

You also have a large social media following. How big of an impact has your photography had on your social media? Obviously image is very important on the internet. Do you think your photos have paved the way for you in a sense? 

 Strong image based content is huge online in social media and marketing - being an established photographer when I entered the social media scene was a huge impact on what I am able to create and how fast I have excelled in the space!

Last question, just for a little G+G plug, what do you like about Grind + Grape? 

 Photographing for Grind + Grape is a true pleasure. This is an establishment built with so much identity and heart from the owners behind it to the beautiful building which it is housed in. I found Grind + Grape when I first moved to Vero Beach two years ago, it became my sanctuary. I worked, relaxed and ate there weekly because of the amazing food and drink offerings and cozy environment. It really is a space that fits everyone and I am looking forward to the future with GG!