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"This is a wonderful venue for eClectic music, food and the best gelato in town. All are very friendly who work here. I like the choices of single tables, couches, and bar to play games, listen to music encouraging conversations and meeting new people. The owners keep it clean and calming as one sees the beautiful flowers in the outside garden. Thank you for creating such a healing for my love of music and interesting people whom gather here."

-Review by Janet



"Grind + Grape provides a versatile atmosphere depending on the time of day which suits the needs of almost anyone! During the day, you can enjoy a cappuccino + sugar stick (a staple here that's served alongside any espresso beverage) with signature macaroon or cupcake while meeting with friends or conducting business.
The numerous seating accommodations - leather couches, high tops, outdoor seating, bar top, and dance floor - allow patrons to relax and enjoy the gentle music playing throughout the space.
At night, Grind + Grape hosts local musicians and bands to play their favorite sets to an audience of fun loving adults and young adults who come from the surrounding area to experience the live atmosphere and enjoy themselves over a glass of signature wine, cocktails, or beer (they even have their own brew!)
Coming to Grind + Grape will never be a disappointing experience, I can't think of another venue where I would rather spend my time."

Review by Christopher 




"One of the best places to listen to live music. The atmosphere is similar to a NYC bar and eatery with an oceanic Mediterranean flair. Awesome deserts and the Italian gelato is wonderful. Great place to dance socialize and meet upscale eclectic people."




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